Small iPhone and Apple’s top five unsuccessful products

Every year in the media there is news about the termination of the production of one or another gadget – in 2021, such a fate befell the iPhone 12 Mini. Despite the fact that the smartphone caused many a feeling of nostalgia for small phones and received many positive reviews, Apple decided to discontinue its release due to low demand. What other gadgets “killed” the company from Cupertino.

iPhone 12 Mini

Due to low sales, the production of the iPhone 12 Mini has been stopped, writes MacRumors, citing a statement from research firm TrendForce.

Released in October 2020, the iPhone 12 mini features a 5.4-inch display that has been particularly popular with small smartphone enthusiasts and journalists alike – some have even called it the “favorite” of Apple phones.

But despite these reviews, there was no strong demand for the iPhone 12 mini – a report from analyst firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners [CIPR] for October and November last year showed that the smallest iPhone accounted for only 6% of Apple’s sales.

As of this writing, the iPhone 12 mini can still be purchased from Apple’s official website, where it is offered in six colors, including purple.


The mini version of the iPhone 12 isn’t the only Apple device to have been discontinued due to low sales. In March of this year, the same fate befell the smart speaker HomePod.

The fact is that the smart speaker released three years ago did not fall in love with users because of the high price, which the excellent sound quality could not justify.

As noted in a statement from the corporation, Apple will focus on the production of a budget version of the speaker – HomePod mini, which immediately became a hit after its release.

iPod Nano

In 2017, Apple killed its iconic player, the iPod Nano.

This decision was made by the company in connection with the planned reduction of the iPod line and the abandonment of outdated technology.

The latest version of the gadget was presented already in 2012. By 2017, the entire lineup of the company supported the Apple Music service, while the Nano had only outdated iTunes.

The 2010 model – Nano 6. The device was equipped with a 1.55-inch touch screen, and together with the bracelet it could be used as a watch. However, Apple later made the player rectangular, thereby depriving users of a fashionable digital accessory.

It is also worth noting that the iPod Nano is a direct continuation of the iconic Classic model.

iPod Classic

Perhaps the iPod Classic is one of the most famous Apple gadgets, which the founder of the company Steve Jobs presented in 2001.

The gadget was quite large, the Click Wheel, which includes both touch and button controls, as well as an impressive 160 GB memory, which could hold about 40 thousand songs.

However, support for the Classic model was discontinued in 2014.

7 years later, rumors appeared on the network that Apple was planning to resume production of its first player. Whether this turns out to be true, only time will tell.


The iBook is a line of laptops that many have never even heard of. The first iBook G3 was introduced in 1999 and was marketed as an inexpensive device for schoolchildren, students and private users.

At that time, the device offered users a catchy design in orange or blue colors, powerful enough characteristics, and even the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

The iBook line lasted from 1999 to 2006 in Apple’s lineup. However, during the move of devices to Intel processors, it was replaced by the well-known MacBook.

iPhone 5C

In 2020, Apple joined the list of obsolete devices with the iPhone 5C smartphone, released in 2013 as a budget successor to the iPhone 5.

The gadget was made of colored polycarbonate and had a filling of the fifth model, which is why it lost out to the metal and more advanced iPhone 5S model. In addition, the plastic smartphone has been deprived of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Due to the above factors, the gadget did not live up to the expectations of many users who preferred 5S to it.

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