Slimmer Rebel Wilson boasted beach photos with her boyfriend

Rebel Wilson and her boyfriend Jacob Bush shared photos from their vacation in Mexico with subscribers. The couple took a private jet to Cabo San Lucas and spent the weekend at the beach by the pool. While Jacob posed in the photos in only shorts, demonstrating excellent athletic form, Rebel was more modest.

It seems that Wilson is in no hurry to demonstrate the results of his weight loss, taking pictures in a swimsuit. She declared this year “the year of health” and announced that she was undertaking to get in shape.

I turned 40 in March, and I decided to take on myself. This year I focused on myself and my well-being. I work a lot on mental and physical health, monitor nutrition, I have a lot of personal training. And it’s cool,

– Wilson shared at the beginning of the year.

In August, she reported that in three months she managed to lose 20 kilograms. Then her weight reached 83, and the cherished goal of Rebel – 75 kilos. The star posted a photo of herself in a tight dress and amazed fans with the first results.

Last night I reached for the candy, but I thought: better not. She drank water instead. I have 8 kilos left to my goal. Hope I can do it by the end of the year, – the actress shared.