Singer Fergie was not recognized in the new paparazzi photos

Fergie looked perfect a year ago. This was noted even by scientists who recognized her figure as perfectly proportional and harmonious. And in general, for many years, the artist kept herself in control and excellent sports form.

She has always maintained a healthy lifestyle, played sports, ate right and devoted several hours a day to fitness. Her fanatical attitude towards her own body even led to the fact that Fergie somehow admitted that she did not have a second child just for fear of losing her shape and gaining extra pounds.

However, after Fergie divorced Josh Duhamel in 2019, the singer gave up a lot. Apparently, the break with her lover affected the health of the celebrity. Although she herself said in many interviews that her feelings for her husband have long passed and in recent years they have lived almost like friends, the divorce seriously crippled Fergie, and she practically stopped appearing in public. Only recently, the paparazzi were able to catch a star on a Los Angeles street.

The new photos upset both the tabloids and the fans of the artist, because on them she looks noticeably replenished. In the pictures, the performer was in an oversize shirt dress, with a mask on her face and disheveled hair. Many fans decided that Fergie had recovered from the pregnancy, but the star herself did not confirm this. Moreover, not so long ago, Fergie herself said that she was not yet in a relationship.

In any case, many of Fergie’s fans hope that soon she will either give birth, or, if the pregnancy rumors turn out to be untrue, she will put herself in order and return to a healthy lifestyle.

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