Singaporeans will be under the hood. They will be monitored through gadgets

Singaporeans will be under the hood. They will be monitored through gadgets. Singaporean Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan believes that in a pandemic of the coronavirus, Singaporeans will thus be better protected.

Singapore authorities have already said that the country is actively developing devices to track people’s contacts. They are planned to be issued to every resident of the state.

“If such devices during the tests show their effectiveness, then we will be able to distribute them among all residents,” said the head of the Singaporean Foreign Ministry. The minister also said that the devices will be introduced if “problems with the TraceTogether application launched in March are not resolved.”

Problems with the application arose due to the fact that it does not work well with the iOS operating system. There are no difficulties with the Android platform. For example, on the iPhone, the program does not work in the background, so the user must constantly activate it. This means that its effectiveness decreases to zero.

“In this regard, we do not require residents to use the application,” Balakrishnan admitted.

The user must now register with TraceTogether and receive a unique number. Then the application via Bluetooth captures all users within a meter. The information received is stored for two to three weeks. In the event that a coronavirus is detected in one of the application users, the Ministry of Health of Singapore will establish the maximum circle of those with whom the person has communicated. At the same time, the authorities note that they do not collect personal information about the person, places of his visit, etc.

Author: John Kessler
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