Singapore will be the first country with face verification for a national identity system

Singapore will become the first country in the world to use face verification in its national identification system, according to the BBC.

Biometric verification will provide Singaporeans with secure access to both private and public services. The state technology agency says the decision will be “fundamental” for the country’s digital economy.

The system was tested in a bank and is now being implemented throughout the country. It not only identifies a person but also guarantees that he is actually physically in a given place.

The technology will be integrated into SingPass and will allow access to government services.

Singapore technology is already being used in kiosks, offices of the country’s tax office, and one of the major Singapore banks, DBS, allows customers to use the only face to open an online account.

GovTech Singapore believes that the technology will be useful for companies as they can use it without building their own infrastructure.