Singapore authorities allow the sale of artificial meat for the first time in the world

For the first time in the world, Singapore authorities have allowed the sale of laboratory-produced chicken meat.

The cultivated chicken meat will be sold in Singapore by the American company Eat. It is the first country in the world to issue a regulatory permit for artificial meat. It is not produced by slaughtering animals but grown in laboratory conditions as cell culture. Test-tube meat should not be confused with imitation meat, a vegetarian product made from plant-based proteins, most commonly soy or wheat proteins.

The Singapore authorities have decided to pass the artificial meat into law after “evaluating the proposals and determining their safety.” The republic’s food agency will continue to consult with experts and track new products as they go directly to the market.

Representatives of the American company said that their product is significantly cleaner in terms of microbes.

Analyzes also showed higher levels of protein, various amino acids, healthy fats, and minerals.

Eat Just representatives
Nuggets are expected to be the first artificial meat product to go on sale in Singapore. A year and a half ago, the firm estimated its cost at $ 50.

It is noted that the rise in popularity of artificial meat is because consumers are increasingly concerned about health, animal welfare, and the environment.

Earlier, the American startup Beyond Meat agreed with the Subway restaurant chain on a test supply of plant-based artificial meat. For the first time, the KFC fast-food restaurant chain has added fake chicken from Beyond Fried Chicken to the menu.

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