Sinead O’Connor says that she will be treated for drug addiction

Sinead O’Connor, 53, tweeted that she is going to rehab after her injuries and will be treated for drug addiction. The singer said that the past six years have been very traumatic for her, but next year will be dedicated to her recovery.

This year I lost a loved one, and it influenced me so much that I briefly became addicted to drugs. I grew up with many traumas and was abused as a child. Then I went into the music business. I never learned to lead a normal life. I never had time to recover. I was not ready for this, she added.

If I use this time to get better, I will be in a great emotional state all my life. If I don’t, I won’t. If you knew how my last six years have gone, you would understand what I mean. I will explain everything very clearly in 2022, the star shared then.

Treatment will begin next week, so until then I will be writing about what’s going on on social media. Mostly about what a complete shit Donald Trump is. And how stupid he is. They might as well simply instruct Putin to openly lead the United States since he has been leading it for four years anyway, she concluded.

In the spring, the singer planned to perform in European countries. Concerts in Ireland were scheduled for June, but the pandemic disrupted all plans. According to the singer, she would no longer be alive if she did not speak openly about her mental health problems. O’Connor admitted that she is not one of those “creative people” who enjoy suffering.

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