Sienna Miller spoke about the consequences of Jude Law’s affair with a nanny

Sienna Miller gave a new interview to The Daily Beast and talked about how her ex-fiance Jude Law broke the actress’s heart.

The actor cheated on Sienna with his kids’ nanny back in 2005, and it drew the actress in a way that she had never experienced before.

“It was one of the hardest moments that I hope I have had to go through. With such a public breakup, it is difficult to get out of bed, let alone stand in front of a crowd of 800 people every night (we are talking about a play – ed.), This is the last thing you want to do. It wasn’t easy. It was also in the midst of the paparazzi frenzy. They knew where I would be every night, ”Sienna admitted.

The actress said that she completely erased that time from her memory: “I don’t remember for six whole weeks. People who came to me said that we had dinner, but I don’t remember. I was so shocked by all this. And I was only 23 years old. But if you survived it, it seems that you can handle everything now. “

The actress also spoke about the media attention to her person after the scandal: “There were moments when it almost drove me crazy, and it was incredibly aggressive. I even went to court. I secretly taped the paparazzi on a lighter, which was a camera, and got the privacy act going to the High Court and changing the law in England. They are not allowed to photograph me where I want privacy. “

Recall that after the premiere of “Handsome Alfie” in 2004, Jude began dating his co-star Sienna Miller, and they seemed to have everything perfect (they even announced their engagement) until it turned out that all this time the actor slept with a nanny for his three children, Daisy Wright. He publicly apologized, dumping Daisy, who later sold her story to the tabloids.

Sienna and Jude parted ways after the scandal-hit, but reunited in 2009 and dated for a couple of years. Now Jude Law is married to Philip Cohen (and recently became a father for the sixth time!), And Sienna is not yet married.

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