Shooting in Strasbourg: the Minister said the number of victims, the shooter is still looking for

According to updated data, as a result of the shooting in Strasbourg, three people were killed and another 12 injured. Updated data reported by the Minister of internal Affairs of France Christoph Castaner.

Of the 12 wounded, 6 are in critical condition. Mayor Roland Rees announced Wednesday the day of mourning-canceled all entertainment, Christmas fair will not work. Schools and kindergartens will be closed, parents are recommended to keep children at home.
Also in the commune, for security reasons, mass meetings and actions are prohibited.
At a press conference held last night, Castaner said that the government had decided to introduce strict border controls, as well as enhanced controls at all Christmas markets in France, to avoid the risk of a repeat of the incident.
In the special operation to find the shooter, he said, involved 350 police and gendarmes, two helicopters, “attracted additional funds.”

Castaner confirmed that the shooter was known to the police, he was previously under investigation for the crimes committed.
According to BFM TV, citing his sources, he escaped arrest on Tuesday morning during a search of his house as part of a robbery investigation. Grenades were found in his apartment. The shooter is 29 years old, he was born in Strasbourg, “known as a recidivist from an early age.”
The shooter was wounded by a patrol of soldiers involved in the operation to catch him before fleeing by taxi. He also wounded a soldier.
Shooting at the Christmas fair in Strasbourg occurred the night before. The criminal managed to escape, he is wounded.
At the night Emmanuel Macron in connection with the incident expressed “solidarity of the whole nation”.
“All the solidarity of the nation is addressed to Strasbourg, the victims and their families,” Macron wrote on Twitter.
According to media reports, among the dead — a citizen of Thailand. He flew to Strasbourg on holiday with his wife the day before.

The suspect in the shooting in Strasbourg eliminated

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