Shia LaBeouf was removed from an Oscar nomination due to allegations of violence

In recent days, 34-year-old Shia LaBeouf literally does not leave the pages of the press. And if at the weekend in the media, the actor’s new romance with 26-year-old Margaret Qualley was actively discussed, today his career was in the spotlight.

It was revealed that the streaming service Netflix had changed its mind about nominating Labeouf for the upcoming Academy Awards. The actor’s name has been removed from the list of creators and description of the Hungarian-American-Canadian film “Fragments of a Woman” directed by Cornel Mundruzo, which is nominated for several different awards. So, Shaya’s partner in the film Vanessa Kirby will compete for the title of best actress, and he himself will not be presented in any of the nominations.

The reason for this decision by Netflix was the recent high-profile accusations levelled against LaBeouf by his former lover FKA Twigs. Last week, the 32-year-old singer, whose real name is Talia Barnett, spoke publicly about sexual, physical and emotional abuse by her ex-boyfriend and sued him.

The girl claims that during their romance, Shia deliberately infected her with a venereal disease. However, this is not the worst thing: according to the singer, Labeouf constantly demanded that she show tenderness and attention to him a certain number of times a day, insisted that she sleep with him naked, and somehow even threatened to crash a car in which they were together, in case they did not hear a declaration of love from Talia. FKA Twigs also revealed that LaBeouf always kept a loaded pistol near their bed, which made her fearful of becoming his innocent victim.

After her high-profile statement about her relationship with the actor, Thalia garnered support. The ex-lover of Labeouf, the stylist Carolyn Fo, who stated that he beat her to bruises, as well as the singer Sia (she also met with Shaya for some time), took her side: according to her, Labeouf deceived her into a relationship and made her accomplice treason, saying that at that moment he was lonely. The director of the film “Sweet Boy”, in which the actor starred, also confirmed the presence of psychological problems in Shia Labeouf. Alma Harel stated that the reason for this behaviour of Labeouf is his childhood injuries.

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