Shia LaBeouf is dating Margaret Qualley: Video

It seems that a new couple has appeared in Hollywood: 34-year-old Shia Labeouf and 26-year-old Margaret Qualley began a romantic relationship. This weekend, the paparazzi caught them kissing passionately in a parking lot at a Los Angeles airport. Shia met Margaret from one of the flights in his car.

No official confirmation of the novel from the actors has yet been reported. It is only known that they became close about two months ago on the set of the video for the song Love Me Like You Hate Me by Rainey Qualley, Margaret’s older sister. In the video, Shia and Margaret played a couple experiencing a very emotional and passionate relationship. So far, only a few frames from the clip have appeared on the network.

Before meeting Labeouf, the daughter of the famous actress, Andie McDowell had a short affair with comedian Pete Davidson. After that, there were also rumours in the press about her romantic relationship with model and actress Cara Delevingne.

But the last relationship of Shia Labeouf ended in a scandal. Last week, the actor’s ex-girlfriend, 32-year-old singer FKA Twigs, who in real life is called Talia Barnett, accused the ex-boyfriend of psychological and physical abuse and filed a lawsuit against him. Barnett admitted that Shia constantly made scandals for her and demanded that she show affection for him at least a certain number of times a day, and also sleep naked. Thalia claims that LaBeouf constantly kept a loaded pistol by the bed, which made her afraid of becoming his innocent victim.

The singer’s words were confirmed by another ex-girlfriend of the actor, singer Sia: she called him a pathological liar. She admitted that he pulled her into a relationship when, in fact, he was not free. Later, the director of the film “Sweet Boy”, in which the actor played one of the roles, also spoke about the psychological problems of Labeouf. Alma Harel expressed her support for Talia Barnett and hinted that Shia treats her beloved women this way due to her childhood trauma.

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