Shia LaBeouf infected his beloved FKA twigs with a venereal disease

According to The New York Times, 32-year-old British singer Talia Barnett, known by stage name FKA twigs, accused Labeouf of domestic sexual, physical and psychological abuse in her lawsuit in a Los Angeles court.

She claims that during fights, her boyfriend locked her in a room, pushed and hit at the gas station, forced her to sleep naked, touch and kiss him at least a certain number of times a day. In bed, he also behaved too harshly. And he held a loaded pistol by the bed, so Talia was afraid to even go to the toilet at night, fearing that she would be shot by mistake. And the last flower in a foul-smelling bouquet: Shia deliberately infected her beloved with a venereal disease.

Another friend of Labeouf’s, 44-year-old singer Sia (Sia Ferper), joined the accusations. According to her, the insidious actor tricked her into an intimate relationship.

“He is a pathological liar,” the woman diagnoses.

Labeouf is not only abhorrent to women. He fought a drunk in a pub, lingered for drunk driving, insulted fellow Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, and brought Rage partners to the handle.

But poor Thalia’s new boyfriend, the 32-year-old frontman of the 1975 British rock band Matthew Healy, is also a thing. In 2017, he spent several months in a rehabilitation centre in Barbados, getting rid of alcohol and drug addiction. Our heroine should be more discriminating in her choice of men.

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