Shia LaBeouf gets a huge Tattoo on his chest for the new role

Media drew attention to the new tattoo of Shia LaBeouf – it turned out that the actor made it for the starring in David Ayer’s movie “The Tax Collector.” The tattoo shows Madonna embracing a clown in the full chest.

The director told the Slash Film portal about how the actor was preparing for a new role:

He is one of the best actors I’ve worked with. Devoted to his work in body and soul. For “The Tax Collector” he made a tattoo on his whole chest. He gives himself over to work, I do not know anyone who would do the same.

“The Tax Collector” is a crime thriller. The action of the tape takes place in Los Angeles around a hero working as a collector. The premiere of the picture is scheduled for November 2020.

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