Shia LaBeouf forbade the FKA twigs singer to look men in the eyes

British singer Thalia Debrett Barnett, better known as FKA twigs, has revealed emotional abuse from actor Shia LaBeouf. She was in a relationship for less than a year in 2019. The artist said that her former lover forbade her to look men in the eyes and reports the BBC News.

The singer said that LaBeouf could get angry if she were polite to the waiter – he saw in Barnett’s attempt to “enter into some relationship.”

“He told me that I knew him, and if I loved him, I would not look other men in the eyes. It was my reality for four whole months before the end of the relationship, ” the artist admitted. According to her, she began to look at her feet when they walked down the street and avoided communication with friends and family.

“I lived according to a very regimented schedule and felt that such a life would save me from all troubles,” said Barnett. She added that LaBeouf expected a certain number of kisses from her per day.

The actor could wake her up at night and start accusing her of “anything”: “He accused me of looking at the ceiling because I figure out a way to throw him. He accused me of wanting to be with someone else. It always happened somewhere between four and seven in the morning.” Barnett stated that due to this treatment, she developed PTSD and had panic attacks at night.

In December 2020, it became known that FKA twigs filed a lawsuit against LaBeouf. According to the lawsuit, during their romance, which lasted a year, the actor repeatedly insulted her, used physical and emotional violence and deliberately infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. The artist was supported by the singer Sia, who admitted that she also became a victim of emotional abuse.

Author: Sam Smith
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