Sheriff in Texas criticized the work of the presidential administration

Texas ‘ Valverde County on the border with Mexico has become a center of attraction for people smugglers due to the migration crisis after the coming to power of US President Joe Biden, local Sheriff Joe Martinez told.

With the Biden administration in power, the number of migrants trying to cross the US border illegally has increased significantly, with many media outlets talking about the crisis at the border. Biden said that it was not his fault; it was a seasonal increase in the number of migrants.

“Criminal elements from Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas come here to smuggle Mexicans, Guatemalans, and Salvadorans,” the sheriff said. He noted that the county jail is overflowing with such criminals, it hurts the taxpayers ‘ purse.

Sheriff Martinez said that his county was the victim of inconsistent policies of the two administrations: under President Donald Trump, the old border barriers were dismantled to build a new wall, Biden canceled the construction of the wall, but the former barrier facilities were never restored.

Valverde County is located in an area known as the “Del Rio sector.” According to the US Border and Customs Service, since October 2020, there have been 90,394 cases of illegal migrants being detained in this sector. In March and April, about 20 thousand illegal immigrants were detained here every month. Compared to last year, the influx of asylum seekers in the sector increased by 377%.

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Author: Ivan Maltsev
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