Shawn Mendes commented on rumors about his orientation

22-year-old Shawn Mendes in a podcast with Dax Shepard decided to dot the i’s once and for all and commented on rumours about his orientation. The singer stated that he is not gay and never was. However, he has many non-traditional friends.

“I often felt real anger towards people. You want to tell them that you are not gay, but they expect a different answer from you. There is nothing wrong with being gay or not being gay. But I’m not gay, so I don’t know how to respond to such questions, ” he said.

Shawn believes that it is not necessary to hide the fact of belonging to people of non-traditional sexual orientation. It would help if you were open with others.

“Everyone calls me gay since I was 15. I’m not gay. To this statement, I always react like this: “What does it mean to be gay?” Yes, I had problems with the sound of my voice. Sometimes I behave in a mannered manner, for example, I cross my legs like a woman when I sit, ” the performer shared.

Mendes has been dating singer Camila Cabello for a long time. He admitted that they have a very sensual relationship in which he can give weakness.

“My girlfriend can tell me:“ We go to bed, you put your head on my chest and you will cry. You’ll tell me how you feel, because if you don’t, you’ll be a real scoundrel, and I’m not going to deal with this. ” I’m just lucky to have such a great relationship. These are the ones I need, ”summed up Shawn.

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