Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello share home footage in new video

The celebrity couple presented a new video with their own performance of the classic “Christmas Song”. The video is simple and contains episodes of the lovers’ home pastime – together and together with a new dog named Tarzan.

Introducing the clip, Shawn Mendes posted on Instagram an explanation: “I wanted to give all fans a few surprise songs for the coming holidays, including this performance with Camila.””

Cabello expanded on the presentation commentary: “This year 2020 has been such a crazy year with so many challenges! Sean and I want to send all our love to you amazing people, so we’ve put together something special for you – and it’s not just our #TheChristmasSong rendition.”

The stars announced that they are donating $ 100,000 to charitable causes – for food and heating, medical care and accommodation for all Americans in need. As Camila stated, this single contribution should create an avalanche of compassion:

“We love you all very much and really hope that you will enjoy our song on a merry holiday! It would make the grey days of thousands of people more festive if you donated money to one of the sectors of the Feeding America Foundation and thereby helped the whole country and your neighbour! They have sectors all over the US – let’s make our life more beautiful and noble without waiting for Christmas. “

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