Sharon Stone spoke about her abortion at age 18

In her new memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, Sharon Stone revealed that she had an abortion at 18. As the actress writes, she got pregnant with her first boyfriend. For the procedure, she had to travel from Pennsylvania to Ohio, as it was easier to have an abortion there.

Stone notes that after the abortion, she began to bleed profusely, but she did not tell anyone about it. “I was covered in blood. It was much worse than initially thought. I kept it a secret and didn’t tell anyone, ” Stone writes.

When Sharon recovered, she burned the bloody sheets and clothes. And later, she turned to a family planning centre for advice. “It saved me: that someone talked to me, taught me. Before that, no one did that, ” the actress writes.

In her book, Sharon also talked about health problems that almost cost her her life, about humiliation from colleagues, about the harassment of her grandfather, about career ups and downs.

In one of the chapters, Stone tells how she underwent surgery to remove breast tumours. During the reconstruction operation, the doctor, without the actress’s knowledge, placed her with large breast implants, which increased her breasts by at least a size. “The doctor said this size fits my thighs better. But he changed my body without my consent, ” shared Sharon.

Author: Sam Smith
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