Sharon Stone said that a plastic surgeon enlarged her breasts without her consent

The memoirs of 63-year-old Sharon Stone The Beauty of Living Twice, in which the actress will share the details of her personal and creative life, will go on sale. But some excerpts from the book can be read online right now.

In it, Stone said that she underwent breast reconstruction surgery after two benign tumours were removed in 2001. According to the actress, they were just huge – more than her breasts. But when Sharon woke up from the operation, she found that the surgeon had placed large breast implants on her.

When the bandages were removed from me, I saw that my breasts were larger by a cup. The doctor said it fits my thighs better. He changed my body without my knowledge and consent, – she admitted.

And when the actress asked the doctor about her breast size, he replied that he thought she would look better with large breasts.

In her memoir, Sharon also wrote about the stroke and cerebral haemorrhage she experienced in 2001 at 43. The doctors told her that she was on the verge of death.

Nevertheless, Stone recovered and took a break from acting to restore her health. But in a 2019 interview with Variety, she said that the stroke had a big impact on her career. The Basic Instinct star has been desperately trying to find work for seven years and has also lost custody of her adopted son Roen.

People were very cruel to me. I don’t think anyone understands how dangerous a stroke is for women and what it takes to recover. I had to re-mortgage the house. I lost everything I had, she said.

Since then, Stone has forged a relationship with her eldest son, now 20, and lives with him and her other two adopted sons, 15-year-old Laird and 14-year-old Quinn.

Author: Sam Smith
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