Sharon Stone reveals her best kiss on screen was with Robert De Niro

Sharon Stone recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and shared which of her on-screen men she liked kissing more over 40 years of her career. Stone said it was Robert De Niro. Sharon co-starred with him in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film Casino. She played the elite prostitute Ginger and De Niro played her husband.

He’s definitely the best kisser, Stone said.

The actress noted that the kiss with De Niro was very exciting for her because she admires Robert in life.

I have always respected and extolled him the most. It was enough for me to just sit opposite him at the table, and it was already difficult to control myself. Probably because I appreciated him so highly, the moment with the kiss was just the climax for me, Stone shared.

Sharon joked that if De Niro “hit her on the head with a hammer,” she would still be glad.

I was madly in love with him as an actress. So this [kiss scene] was amazing. I don’t even know how he compares to other actors. For me, everyone else is so-so compared to him, Stone said.