Sharon Osbourne congratulates Ozzy on his 72nd birthday after his regrets about cheating

With the founder and lead singer of Black Sabbath touring and leading an even more active life off-stage, few would have imagined that Ozzy Osbourne would marry, have children, and reach the age of 72 with a happy marriage. The lifestyle of the “great Ozzy” in the 70s of the last century was in full harmony with the name of his rock group “Black Sabbath”.

Ozzy Osbourne’s birthday falls on December 3 – his wife Sharon congratulated her betrothed, despite all the turbulent events of their past, and not the most distant past. The host of the popular British TV show Sharon celebrated her husband’s birthday with a touching Instagram photo in which she kisses the Black Sabbath frontman. The photo is signed with the words:

“We have been married for 38 years, we have been together for 40 years, we have known each other for 51 years … I love you very much [‘to the moon and back’]. Happy Birthday, my Dear!”.

The same photo was published in a recent edition of GQ, in which Ozzy Osbourne expressed regret for his past infidelity: “In my life, I have done outrageous things. I am very sorry that I cheated on my wife and did not do it anymore. I am fortunate that Sharon didn’t leave me. I am not proud of my adventures. I am angry with myself; I broke her heart. “

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