Shaquille O’Neal makes a bold prediction for the NBA playoffs

Well-known ex-basketball player and now television expert Shaquille O’Neal made a bold prediction regarding the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA playoffs.

“Since they do not have the advantage of home flooring and will play in the general arena, Brooklyn will enter the second round of the playoffs. The first time you hear it here, ” Clutch Points quotes O’Neil.

The four-time NBA champion doubled his prediction, explaining that the lack of an advantage on the home court significantly complicates the victory for teams with better indicators.

“Without the clear advantage of a home stadium, the emotions of team players will be weak, and everyone knows that they do not have a strong set of players. This is the most difficult team to play against, ” added Shaquille.

Kevin Durant, Kairi Irving, Spencer Dinuiddy, DeAndre Jordan, Taron Prince, Wilson Chandler, and Nicholas Claxton will not help Brooklyn during the restart of the NBA season in Orlando due to injuries, coronavirus infection or family circumstances.