Shakira became the target of bullying because of her boyfriend Gerard Piquet

On Wednesday, the French football club Paris Saint-Germain will play against Barcelona, ​​whose defender has been Gerard Piquet for 13 years – the chosen one of the 44-year-old singer and her sons’ father Milan and Sasha. A few days before the match, fans of the first team began to appear in the streets and stadiums with a banner subtly insulting Shakira.

“Shakira belongs to everyone,” “Shakira in La Junker,” wrote opponents of Barcelona, ​​referring to the city on the border of France and Spain, known for one of the largest brothels in Europe. The performer’s fans were outraged by such an attack on her. Many called for the suppression of such actions. The hashtag “Respect Shakira” is gaining popularity on the Internet.

The singer has been at the epicentre of such scandals more than once. In 2012, for example, Real Madrid fans passed an inflatable doll with the inscription “Shakira” at the stadium.

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