Shadow of the Colossus creator teases fans again with a teaser for his new game

In 2018, Fumito Ueda first spoke about his new project, which is comparable in scale to his past games – Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. The second time the game was remembered only in 2019, and since then there has been no information.

New project on the way
Now genDesign, Fumito Ueda’s studio, has updated the site and released a New Year’s card. The image shows the designer’s three previous projects, as well as a shot from the fourth game that fans did not recognize. Apparently, this is a concept art with a traveler standing at a mysterious ruin.

Since no one knew exactly where the last image came from, fans assumed it was a frame from Ueda’s future project. In addition, the official Twitter account of the studio has published a message about the recruitment of developers to create a new project that “will remain in the hearts of gamers.”

Perhaps genDesign has entered the active phase of developing a new project. This is also hinted at by the company’s New Year greetings, in which the developers promised to provide a new experience as soon as possible.

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