Several Republicans in the US have self-isolated themselves

One senator and four congressmen from the Republican party in the United States announced the decision to subject themselves to self- isolation after it became known that they had contact with an infected person.

These congressmen, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, shook hands with an infected person at a party conference.

President Donald Trump, who also attended this conference in late February but has not had direct contact with this person, insists that he feels good and does not need testing.

Ted Cruz, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, Georgia Congressman Doug Collins, and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz voluntarily agreed to undergo the quarantine procedure for 14 days. All of them had contacts with the same participant in the CPAC Republican-backed conservative conference, which was held in Maryland in late February.

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Republican Congressman Mark Meadows, President Trump’s newly appointed chief of staff, also met with the man and is involuntary quarantine. He does not have any symptoms of the disease, and testing did not show infection with the coronavirus, his spokesman said.

Earlier, Vice President Mike Pence issued a warning that the number of new cases of infection in the United States will grow. He confirmed that he had not requested testing for the virus, and said that the administration was consulting with Congress on the issue of introducing paid leave for sick people.

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