Seven Capitol police officers sued Trump

The police accuse the president of colluding with far-right extremist groups.

On Thursday, seven Capitol police officers sued former President Donald Trump, alleging that he conspired with far-right extremist groups to provoke an attack on the Congress building, which took place on January 6.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, DC, says that the attack was the culmination of Trump’s statements that lasted for several months. According to the officers, the president was aware of the possibility of violence and actively encouraged it in the hope of preventing Joe Biden from claiming victory in the election.

The lawsuit alleges that Trump colluded with the extremist organizations “Proud Guys” and “Oath Keepers,” as well as with far-right political figures, including Roger Stone and Ali Alexander.

“Trump, along with other defendants, deliberately and persistently put forward and encouraged false statements about election fraud to discredit the election results and cause outrage among his supporters,” the lawsuit says.

This is not the first civil lawsuit aimed at holding Trump accountable for the siege of the Capitol by a crowd of his supporters. Civil lawsuits aimed at holding Trump accountable for the siege of the Capitol by a crowd of his supporters.

On the day of the storming of the Capitol, four people were killed, and the next day an officer who was attacked by protesters died. Four policemen who participated in defense of the Capitol subsequently committed suicide. More than a hundred police officers were injured.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Ron Fischetti, has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Responding to a similar lawsuit filed by Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell, Trump said that his actions were a manifestation of freedom of speech, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and that he could not be held accountable in a civil case, since he acted as president.

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