Servants leave Elizabeth II for Christmas

Astir is brewing in the United Kingdom: the subjects refuse to spend time with Elizabeth II during the Christmas holidays, Free News reports, citing a source from the Sun.

Now, negotiations are underway with the Royal court employees, but, in all likelihood, they will not lead to success. Therefore, the subjects of Elizabeth II want to spend the holidays with their loved ones and not be isolated. At first, the British Queen expected about 20 people, including plumbers and cleaners, to settle in Sandringham. This idea arose to create a so-called “covid bubble,” that is, to protect the monarch from infection with COVID-19.

“The Queen is furious. The staff said they had had enough. This is unprecedented. Everyone wants to remain loyal to her, but they feel that they are under too much pressure to isolate themselves from their families at Christmas,” the article says.

Thus, the subjects of Elizabeth II refused her company before Christmas. If this scenario is implemented, the situation will turn into the biggest scandal in the Royal family’s history.

Before that, it became known that Elizabeth II changed the place of Christmas celebration for the first time in 33 years due to the pandemic. The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh Philip, will celebrate Christmas at Windsor castle.

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