Serbian President reveals contents of the Kosovo agreement with the United States

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic revealed the contents of the Kosovo agreement signed on Friday in Washington.

The Serbian delegation headed by Vucic is on a visit to the United States, where it held talks with the “Prime Minister” of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Avdulah Hoti, through the mediation of the American administration. On Friday, the parties signed an agreement on economic cooperation between Belgrade and Pristina in the presence of US President Donald Еtrump.

The Serbian President stressed that the Serbian leadership and the Kosovo Albanians have signed separate bilateral agreements with the United States and listed their points.

“The Americans will join us in monitoring the highway project to Pristina, which will be important for the Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija,” Vucic said, broadcast by Serbia’s national television.

He added that the parties also agreed to build a railway to connect the Serbian regions of Serbia and Pristina with Belgrade through the Merdare checkpoint.

“It also talks about how various financial corporations and the US Export-import Bank will Finance these and other projects,” the Serbian leader said.

“The key things for us that the Albanians were against – they demanded that paragraph 10 on mutual recognition be returned to the document, but we insisted, and it is not there,” he said.

According to him, representatives of Pristina unexpectedly persistently opposed the Balkan mini-Schengen (cross-border trade and economic initiative) and “made strange arguments.

He also drew attention to the point of the agreement, under which the parties agreed together with the US Department of energy and other government agencies to share the energy resources of the largest lake Gazivode in Kosovo.

According to him, we are talking about the energy produced by the hydroelectric power station and the water of the accumulative lake, which, after conducting a study under the control of the United States, will divide Belgrade and Pristina.

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