Seoul mayor’s funeral ceremony will be held online due to COVID-19

A farewell ceremony for the late mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, will be held online as part of measures to combat the coronavirus, Yonhap news agency reports, citing a member of the Funeral Committee.

The mayor’s body is currently in Seoul national University hospital and will be transferred to the mayor’s office on Monday morning. The farewell ceremony should start at 8.30.

“The ceremony will be held online following the principles of promoting control efforts to combat COVID-19 and will take place in a simple form,” said Park Won-soon, a representative of the ruling Democratic Party, who is one of the leaders of the funeral preparation Committee.

The number of participants in the ceremony will be limited to about 100, including family members of the deceased, senior city officials, representatives of the party, and civic groups.

The farewell ceremony, part of a public funeral organized by the Seoul administration, will be broadcast live via the city’s official government channels and TBS radio stations on YouTube.

It was previously reported that Park Won-soon’s funeral would last five days in accordance with the mayor’s burial regulations. Park’s body will then be cremated at the Seoul Memorial Park crematorium, and his ashes will be buried at the former mayor’s home in Gyeongsangnam-do province.

Almost 11,5 thousand people have already visited the place of public worship in memory of the late Park Won-soon in front of the city hall. All visitors are required to wear masks, keep their distance, and check their temperature. Also, more than 640,000 people “laid” virtual flowers at the online memorial in honor of Park Won-soon.