Senators propose new sanctions against “Nord stream-2”

Organizations that carry out any activity related to pipe laying may be subject to sanctions.

This week US senators will introduce a bill to expand sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream-2,” connecting Russia with Germany, said the staff Senate.

Many in Washington oppose the pipeline, arguing that it will strengthen Moscow’s political and economic control over Europe.

The law on clarifying measures to protect Europe’s energy security was preceded by a law signed by President Donald Trump at the end of last year.
Immediately after it entered into force, the Swiss-Dutch company Allseas immediately stopped underwater work on the pipeline, which is designed to double the capacity of the existing branch line, through which Russian gas is delivered to Germany.

Two Russian pipelayers are now likely to be used to lay the remaining 160 kilometers of pipeline in a project led by Russia’s Gazprom.

The new bill, which was initiated by Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his fellow Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, proposes to expand sanctions and punish parties involved in work related to laying pipes, as well as parties providing services for underwriting, insurance, and reinsurance of ships.
A copy of the bill was available to Reuters.

Congress must again take decisive action and stand in the way of this pipeline,” Shaheen said.

Cruz noted that the bill “clearly states that those who work with these pipelayers will face severe and immediate sanctions.”

Author: Steve Cowan
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