Senator Patrick Leahy will chair the Trump impeachment process

The resolution will be submitted to the Senate on January 25.

The impeachment trial of former US President Donald Trump will be held in the US Senate under the chairmanship of Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (from Vermont). This was reported on Monday by CNN, citing sources in the upper house of the US legislature.

According to them, if it were a question of impeachment of the current president, the chairman of the process would be, according to American law, the head of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts. He was the chairman of the trial in the first impeachment of Trump, due to which the Republican was acquitted. However, given that Trump’s presidential term expired on January 20, the role of chairman of the impeachment process for the first time in US history will be assigned to a senator.

Leahy serves as President pro tempore of the Senate. This is the second most important position in the upper house of Congress after the Vice President of the United States. According to American law, the Vice President heads the Senate.

A resolution to impeach Trump will be submitted to the Senate on January 25. According to the leader of the Democratic majority in the upper house, Chuck Schumer (from the state of New York), the impeachment process will begin after February 8.

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