Senator Cruz is sure that “Nord stream-2” will never work

Earlier this month, Congress approved new sanctions designed to prevent the completion of the pipeline.

The developer of US sanctions against a major Russian gas pipeline to Europe expressed confidence that the new sanctions will not allow the controversial project to be completed, despite the Kremlin’s attempts.

Earlier this month, Congress passed the National Defense Appropriations Act, which provides sanctions against companies that provide services for the modernization of ships working on the construction of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline and insurance and certification services for this project.

Russia is currently trying to modify its own vessels to complete the pipeline, which is more than 90 percent complete, prompting Congress to approve a new series of sanctions in an attempt to hinder further progress.

“I believe that under this project, gas will never go,” said US senator Ted Cruz, one of the sponsors of the adopted law, speaking at an online conference organized by the Washington-based think tank Atlantic Council.

The sanctions are aimed at “a critical vulnerability, without which the pipeline could not be completed,” he said.

According to Cruz, as in the past year, Russia is spreading misinformation that the project’s completion is inevitable.

“We know they were wrong then. Now they’re wrong, too. This project will not be completed,” he said.

Republican Cruz, who represents Texas, the largest oil and gas producer in the United States, rejected claims that the sanctions attempt to expand the European gas market for American energy exports, calling them Russian propaganda.

“From my point of view, getting gas from any source other than Russia significantly improves the situation for everyone,” Cruz said.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Christopher Robinson, speaking at the conference, said that Washington was against ‘Nord stream-2″ and its predecessor, “Nord stream-1,” long before it had the legal and technical ability to export liquefied natural gas.

“We don’t want to impose sanctions, but we will use these powers and these tools to stop the project,” Robinson said.

“I would say that these sanctions are working, and we will stop this pipeline,” the US diplomat added.

According to Robinson, the stop of the “Nord stream-2” can be the key to improving relations between the United States and Russia in the future.

According to him, Moscow is currently trying to expand its influence in Europe and “promote its geopolitical interests” with this project.

“If we want a more stable relationship with Russia, or if we want to improve relations with Russia, then stopping and containing Russia’s hostile influence will be key to this future US-Russian relationship, and we must stop the “Nord stream-2″ pipeline,” the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State said.

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