Senator Cruz commented on the sanctions that China has imposed against him

The lawmaker said he does not plan to visit a country that has put millions of lives at risk by hiding information about the coronavirus.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Monday announced sanctions against several US officials, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is a member of the Senate foreign relations committee.

In response, Senator Cruz said: “The Chinese Communist Party is scared and has gone rogue. They have sent more than a million Uighurs to concentration camps and are carrying out ethnic cleansing, including monstrous forced abortions and sterilizations. These are egregious human rights atrocities that cannot be tolerated. Unfortunately for the CPC leaders, I do not plan to visit the authoritarian regime that hid the coronavirus pandemic and put millions of lives at risk around the world.”

In 2019, Senator Cruz led efforts to blacklist companies that the CPC uses to harass minorities, such as Uighurs in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Subsequently, Senator Cruz became one of the initiators of a fundamental re-evaluation of US-China relations and efforts to counter Chinese censorship after Beijing withheld information about the coronavirus.
Last week, Senator Cruz welcomed the trump administration’s decision to punish Chinese officials for egregious human rights violations. In May, Senator Cruz introduced three bills to counter Chinese propaganda and hold China accountable for censorship that contributed to the spread of the coronavirus.

China has imposed sanctions on us officials in response to Washington’s sanctions against senior Chinese officials. The reason for the latter was Beijing’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reported: “similar sanctions” against senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Congressman Chris Smith, special representative for religious freedom Sam Brownback and The joint congressional-Executive Committee on China.