Senate: the final vote on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination

The day before, the Senate voted to end the debate on this issue, setting the stage for the final vote.

The US Senate on Monday holds a vote, the outcome of which is expected to adopt Amy Coney Barrett for the post of judge of the Supreme Court.

If Barrett is confirmed, the conservative majority on the court will increase to 6 votes out of 9.

Republicans hold 53 of the Senate’s 100 seats, and only Senator Susan Collins refused to vote for Barrett’s confirmation, who believes that a new judge should not be appointed so soon before the presidential election.

Democrats oppose Barrett’s confirmation both because of her beliefs and because of the haste of the process.

“The Senate is doing the right thing,” Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said on Sunday. “We are moving the process forward.

“On Sunday, the Senate voted to end debate on Barrett’s nomination, setting the stage for a final vote.

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