Selena Gomez says she enjoys being alone

In a conversation with the new! Magazine Selena Gomez discussed her personal life, emphasizing that she is not tormented by loneliness. After years of an unstable relationship with Justin Bieber and a brief romance with musician The Weeknd, Gomez is enjoying freedom.

I am lonely, but I do not worry about it at all. There are many advantages to being alone, which means you need to enjoy this stage of life, Selena shared.

The publication nevertheless asked what kind of man could win her heart, and Gomez made it clear that her ideal boyfriend should be able to make her laugh.

He should be funny. I like confident guys, but what I don’t like is the arrogance, the singer replied. While the star knows what she wants, she’s not going to rush things and sign up for dating apps.

I’m sure Raya [the version of Tinder for Hollywood celebrities looking for a mate] helps a lot of people, but I doubt it will work for me, concluded Selena.

She also admitted that relationships in front of the public are not easy for her, but she just has to come to terms with this:

This applies not only to romantic relationships but to any part of life that I would like to keep secret. However, whether you like it or not, you have to get used to it.

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