Selena Gomez revealed her home in a trailer for a new culinary TV show: Video

Selena Gomez co-filmed the cooking show Selena + Chef with HBO Max streaming service, in which celebrity chefs teach her how to cook via video chat. And now this project will be seen by the audience, but for now, its authors have shown the first frames on the network.

The project became an opportunity for me to make people smile. You will laugh because I look like a complete fool. I love to cook, but I don’t always succeed, – Gomez said about the show.

The shooting took place in the kitchen of the star, where her grandparents watched her culinary experiments, waiting for the quarantine with her.

I usually try not to advertise my private life, but this time things were a little different. Before filming, I had just moved into a new house, so my new kitchen was in the frame. There was still no furniture there, so I still couldn’t show the interior where I live, which is good,
– added Selena.

Author: Sam Smith
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