Selena Gomez responded to a rumour about an affair with Aaron Dominguez

Selena Gomez, 28, has commented on rumours that surfaced after she was spotted alongside Aaron Dominguez.

As it turned out, the stars are filming together in the series of Murders in the same building in New York. Fans suggested that colleagues are romantically involved. “We only work together. I think people are interested in the fact that I am young and not connected with anyone in a relationship. In fact, I’m grateful to be free now, ” Selena says in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Rumours emerged after several frames in which the stars are holding hands and hugging. As it turned out, Gomez and Dominguez were photographed by the paparazzi during the filming process – a strictly professional relationship between the on-screen couple. It is worth saying that Selena does not like to talk about her personal life and share any details with fans. Now the press has many questions for Selena after she announces the possible end of her musical career.

Gomez recently released the Spanish-language album Revelación and shared her emotions about the event. “There would be no Spanish album if I just kept going at the same rhythm as my life and fulfilling all the other obligations. A few years ago, I would never have taken this opportunity because of uncertainty, ” the singer says in an interview.

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