Selena Gomez is dating basketball player Jimmy Butler

After a long period of loneliness, 28-year-old Selena Gomez seems ready to embark on a new romantic adventure. According to rumours, spread through the Instagram account Deuxmoi, the singer began to take courtship from the 31-year-old American basketball player Jimmy Butler, who plays for the NBA Miami Heat.

An Instagram account specializing in celebrity news and rumours posted a screenshot of a post from an internet user claiming to have overheard the staff of the French bistro Lucien last month. It was clear from them that the institution wanted to find a table for Selena and a certain member of the basketball team. Later, another user clarified that Gomez had lunch with Butler that day, and this meeting seemed like a date.

By the way, more recently, in one of her interviews, Selena Gomez stated that she was alone. The singer clarified that she feels comfortable in this status and does nothing to find herself a boyfriend specifically. Earlier, the star also said that because of the quarantine, it became even more difficult to arrange a personal life:

It is hard to arrange your personal life in quarantine! No, this is not an appeal for all interested fans. Quite funny because it sounds like I’m craving to have a boyfriend. No, that’s not what I meant at all. Guys are too complicated. All my exes think I’m crazy, but I don’t really care what they think!

Gomez clarified that in guys she values ​​a sense of humour and self-confidence and cannot tolerate arrogance. By the way, the star previously had an affair with rapper The Weeknd, and her longest and the most difficult relationship was with singer Justin Bieber.

As for Jimmy Butler, he previously met with model Caitlin Novak, with whom he is raising his one-year-old daughter Riley. Back in September, Jimmy and Caitlin seemed to be on good terms: then the model was spotted at one of the boyfriend’s games.

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