Selena Gomez Announces Season 2 of Her Cooking Show

Singer and actress Selena Gomez seems to be seriously interested in culinary experimentation. The girl decided to continue filming her own show “Selena + Chef” (Selena + Chef), which became a real hit during the pandemic.

Recall that the first season of Selena Gomez’s culinary show was released in the midst of quarantine on HBO Max and showed that, even while at home, you can cook delicious meals.

The show is literally filmed in the kitchen. Its heroes are 10 chefs who tell you how to cook a particular dish and share tips. The program became very popular when, due to the coronavirus, many people were forced to stay at home and did not know what to do with themselves.

Selena Gomez announced that the hit has been renewed for a second season. The principle of the show will not change. The girl will still meet the chefs in her kitchen and together with them prepare different delicacies step by step.

The singer announced a new season of the cooking show on Twitter, promising even more delicious recipes and amazing guests. “Some of them will accidentally set me on fire,” the girl added intrigue.

By the way, in the first season of the show, Selena introduced a tradition – at the end of each episode, she donates 10 thousand dollars to a charitable organization chosen by the program participant. In the second season, the singer will continue to do this.

The new season of the Selena Gomez Cooking Show will be available from January 21st.

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