See you September 10: Apple accidentally revealed the date of the presentation of the iPhone 12?

Rumors have repeatedly appeared on the network about the date of Apple’s autumn presentation, at which smartphones of the iPhone 12 family and other novelties should be presented. But this time, it seems, Apple itself “blabbed”.

A hint of the date was found on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Users noticed a “test” video for the broadcast, which was soon removed. The broadcast die points to WWDC 2020, but the date is different – September 10, 2020. The company may have scheduled the presentation on this very day.

By the way, last year’s event was also held on September 10th. Although usually Apple gives presentations at the beginning of the week, and this year September 10 falls on Friday. Therefore, it is better to wait for the official confirmation of the date.

Recall that 9 new products should debut on this day: four iPhone 12 models, a new generation iPad, Apple Watch 6 smartwatches, AirTag key fob, Apple Card credit card, and AirPower wireless charging station. Perhaps some of them are announcing via a regular press release rather than at an event.

But deliveries of the next iPhones will begin a few weeks later than last year.

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