See the creepy deep sea squid Magnapinna

Marine researchers from Australia have published a video of the “creepy” deep-sea squid of the genus Magnapinna, which are still poorly understood.

These molluscs live at depths of one to four kilometers and remain one of the most elusive creatures in the world. A feature of these squids is a large fin and tentacles, they can reach a length of more than eight meters, which is many times the length of their body.

Australian scientists note that they have obtained unique video footage as a result of observations of Magnapinna squid in their natural habitat. Filming will expand our understanding of this unusual species.

In particular, the hypothesis of the widespread distribution of Magnapinna was confirmed.

These observations, which were the first in Australian waters, confirmed the hypothesis of cosmopolitanism (the wide distribution of the species) and indicated a local cluster distribution of squid located in immediate spatial and temporal proximity to each other.

Author: John Kessler
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