See how the interior of the spacecraft will look like for the flight of space tourists

Virgin Galactic has released photos of the interiors of the VSS Unity private flight spacecraft. The company presented the design at a virtual presentation on July 28, 2020.

The cabin will have six aluminum and carbon fiber passenger seats. Everyone can change the position and angle of inclination depending on the stage of the trip. They will also be equipped with displays with flight information.

In addition, the seats are adapted to suit the different needs of tourists. For example, if it is necessary to collect hair in a ponytail, then a special small depression is already provided in the chair.

Portholes are located near each seat, and dynamic lighting is installed in the cabin. Numerous video cameras will document the flight – tourists will receive some images immediately after landing.

In zero gravity, people will be held by five belts with a single attachment. The inner surface of the cockpit and the window frames are covered with soft materials.

Virgin Galactic’s first commercial flight was planned until mid-2020. In May, tests took place, during which the plane dropped VSS Unity at an altitude of about 15 thousand meters, and the spacecraft ascended into suborbital space and glided to Earth.