See how in the heat you can cool in 5 minutes with a portable air conditioner

With the onset of the hot summer, many people will carry a portable fan with them to cool when they go outside. In Asia, developers have gone further. Sony recently launched Reon Pocket portable cooling devices in Japan, which allow users to cool in 5 minutes. According to First Flight, Sony’s internal crowdfunding platform, REON POCKET addresses the summer concerns of business people.

In those days when you sweated, even sitting still, First Flight launched a new project – Reon Pocket. Simply put, Reon Pocket is a 86 g device that sticks to the bottom of the neck and can cool or heat, creating a cooling/warming effect for the user.

Sony developed the Reon Pocket, hoping that many users will feel comfortable even in the hot summer. When downloading the specified program for a mobile phone, it will be possible to adjust the power of the air conditioner to lower or raise the temperature.

In order to install this small device, the development team also specially designed a suitable men’s underwear, on the back of which a small pocket with a breathable small hole was sewn (to remove heat from the device).

According to reports, this product is mainly intended for Japanese business people who should wear a suit regardless of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Regardless of heating or cooling, Reon Pocket provides five temperature levels. The device uses a thermoelectric converter used in automobile or wine refrigerators.

The Reon Pocket device can be placed in the pocket of a T-shirt under a shirt so that it provides coolness on a hot summer day or warms in winter weather. Thanks to Bluetooth support, the device can be controlled using the smartphone application.

It is expected that the temperature can be reduced to 13 ° C in just 5 minutes. The average cooling time can be 2.5 hours, and heating can be used for about two hours. Thanks to the use of a solution based on semiconductor cooling microcircuits, the total power consumption is less and each charge of the device takes only two hours. Reon Pocket is currently sold in Japan at a price of 13,000 yen. The novelty is compatible with devices on iOS and Android.

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