Secrets of the “Lord of the Rings” series revealed

The filming is carried out in the strictest confidence, but something still leaked to the Web.

Portal TheOneRing has published several facts about the filming of the first season of the series “The Lord of the Rings”, the production of which takes place in the strictest secrecy. However, insiders still managed to pull some data on the large-scale project online.

It turned out that the script is only transmitted to the actors in a secure digital format, and a special fake film crew is filming false scenes to prevent leaks.

In addition, it became known that in the series there will be dark-skinned predecessors of the Shire hobbits, and dark forces will be especially sophisticated to lead the elves from the path of the Light. This will do without Sauron.

The approximate release date is the summer of 2022.

Recently, several of the project’s stuntmen announced their retirement with a scandal. According to them, they were injured during filming due to non-compliance with safety rules.

At the same time, the project promises to become one of the most expensive in the world. Film company Amazon Studios plans to spend about $ 450 million on the production of the first season alone. The studio plans for five seasons of the project and a spin-off.

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