Secret documents about the destroyer Defender were found at a stop in England

A passerby found secret documents of the British Ministry of Defense at a bus stop in the English county of Kent, in particular, about the movements of the destroyer Defender in the Black Sea, BBC News reports.

The finder of a bundle of about 50 pages of documents turned to the BBC when he realized that it was about classified information. This person preferred to remain anonymous.

Some of the documents are about a destroyer that passed near the Crimea earlier in June, which caused a decisive response from the Russian military.

The documents contain an assessment of the possible reaction of the Russian side to such movements. Thus, the Ministry of Defense has provided three options for the response of the Russian Federation – from “safe and professional” to “unsafe and unprofessional”.

It also turned out that the defense ministry initially prepared two options for the route. One of them lay far from the Crimea and would not cause claims from the Russian side. However, in London, it was noted that with this option, everything would look like the British Navy “got scared and ran away.”

It also turned out that British officials were aware that their version of events would differ from the Russian one. In this regard, they counted on the journalists of BBC News and the Daily Mail, who were on board the destroyer: their reports in the press, as they believed in London, were supposed to clarify what really happened.

In general, according to BBC News, the documents confirm that the passage of the ship near the Crimea, which London considers part of Ukraine, “was a carefully thought-out decision of the British government in order, despite possible risks, to express support for Kyiv.”

The documents contain data on other issues, in particular, on the option in which, after the withdrawal of the NATO contingent from Afghanistan, the UK will leave Special Forces there.

The British Ministry of Defense confirmed that one of the employees had previously reported the loss of secret documents.

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