Sean Penn with his wife Layla George at a dinner in Malibu

Last summer, Sean Penn surprised fans with unexpected news: the famous actor secretly married his beloved Australian actress Leila George, 31 years younger than him. Yesterday, the newlyweds were filmed together in Malibu, where they arrived for dinner at the popular Nobu restaurant.

The 60-year-old actor also introduced his 29-year-old wife to his friends – the couple spent the evening not alone, but in the company of the famous model Cindy Crawford’s husband Randy Gerber, their daughter Kaia and her boyfriend Jacob Elordi.

Sean and Leila have been together for almost five years. The couple got married in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, so the ceremony was held virtually. For George, this was the first marriage, and for Penn, the third. From his second wife, actress Robin Wright, he has two children: 30-year-old daughter Dylan and 27-year-old son Hopper. They, as Penn said, were present at his wedding with Leila.

According to sources, in the couple’s relationship, everything was not always smooth: for some time, they even parted and were close to a final break.

Sean realized that he had made a mistake, and when he realized that he could lose it, he made every effort to return it, – said the insider.

Author: Sam Smith
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