Sea level has risen by 3.6 meters over the past hundred years

A group of scientists, led by researchers from the University of Durham, have concluded that pore level rises every 100 years by 3.6 meters.

A new study has shown that the sea level has risen by 18 meters over the past 500 years due to active ice melting. The meltwater has reached volumes twice that of Greenland.

Geological data indicate that at the end of the last ice age, about 14.6 thousand years ago, sea level rose ten times faster due to much meltwater.

Until now, the scientific community could not reach a consensus about which ice sheet melting is responsible for the rapid rise in sea level.

According to the work results, the scientists found that most of the meltwater comes from the former North American and Eurasian ice sheets and not from Antarctica.

The next question is finding out what caused the ice melting and the effect the massive influx of meltwater had on the ocean currents in the North Atlantic.

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