Scotland launches the world’s first hydrogen double-decker buses

Scotland has launched the world’s first passenger buses that run on hydrogen. London authorities are also planning to implement these transport models.

The city of Aberdeen in Scotland unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-only double-decker buses. They have already become part of the city’s public transport, the reform is the first step of a zero emissions project aimed at combating air pollution.

The buses are in the final stages of testing, but the townspeople can already use them. They will move around the city for several weeks so that drivers can get used to driving a new type of transport. This project is led by the Aberdeen City Council, which aims to continually improve the economic and environmental aspects of the city through the introduction of clean transportation.

London is also planning to introduce the same bus models, but they are not working on the city streets yet. Authorities are also considering a similar project by Arcola Energy and the Optare Group, in which engineers will develop hydrogen-fueled double-decker buses by 2021.

However, the Aberdeen project was the first in the world to be launched by the authorities. “We are very proud to bring the world’s first hydrogen-powered double-decker buses to Aberdeen as it shows that the city continues to be at the forefront of green technology development,” said Jenny Laing, co-founder of Aberdeen City Council.

These buses were manufactured by Wrightbus. The $10.8 million project is funded by Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish government and the European Union. Each bus costs 652 thousand dollars.