Scientists talk about the life of a diplomat from the Mayan civilization

The authors of the new study told about the life of the Mayan diplomat Ajpach Vaal, who was buried 1,300 years ago.

The new work examines in detail the role of peripheral communities in interaction with a large center, and it also deals with the strengthening of ties between royal families in the late classical period (600-800 AD).

The resident of civilization who was studied in the new work was called Ajpach Vaal, who was identified as the standard bearer who organizes diplomatic missions. He inherited this high position from his father, his mother also came from an elite family.

The man was between 35 and 50 years old when he died. The burial took place around 726.

All of his upper front teeth, from right canine to left, have been drilled. it was necessary to hold decorative implants made of pyrite and jade, which were highly prized in those days. The Maya elite underwent this painful procedure during puberty: it was a rite of passage.

Both sides of the skull had slightly porous, spongy areas, this is also called porotic hyperostosis. It appears due to lack of nutrition in childhood or illness. This is a fairly common feature, which suggests that even the high status of Ajpach Vaal could not protect him from malnutrition and disease.

He also developed arthritis in his hands, right elbow, left knee, left ankle and feet as he got older. This could cause stiffness and pain, especially when he woke up in the morning.

The authors of the work suggest that his arthritis may have appeared due to the fact that Ajpach Vaal carried the banner on a pole on a pole over long distances over rough terrain and often walked up and down stairs. He also had to kneel on the platforms of the Mayan rulers.

The decoding of the hieroglyphs showed that in June 726 AD. e. Ajpach Waal traveled and met the King of Copan, 350 miles from Honduras, to form an alliance with King Calakmul.

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