Scientists talk about the earliest signs of coronavirus

Scientists from the United States analyzed the course of thousands of patients’ disease and published a list of the earliest signs of coronavirus. In this case, symptoms may appear slightly at first but intensify during the course of the disease.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have published a complete list of early coronavirus symptoms – there were eleven of them. Scientists note that they analyzed thousands of cases of the disease.

Patients often experienced fatigue, headache, sore throat, fever, and a sudden loss of taste and smell. However, the researchers note that not in all cases do the symptoms appear at the same time. In rare cases, they do not appear at all. Also, patients often complained of diarrhea, shortness of breath, headache, and nausea.

The scientists also added that fever and fatigue tend to appear before other symptoms. Simultaneously, in most patients, symptoms initially appeared in a mild form but intensified with the course of the disease.

Despite the similarity to the common cold, COVID-19 has dire consequences that the human body can experience for weeks or even months after diagnosis. The scientists added that many patients might experience symptoms that last for several months, most often fatigue and smell loss. The coronavirus can also affect a person’s cognitive abilities.

A university study involving 84,000 people found that coronavirus patients “perform poorly on cognitive tests despite their young age and other demographics.”

Some of the cognitive deficits include memory loss, difficulty concentrating over a long period of time, and even minor personality changes.

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